“I’ve 6lb off in one week, I noticed a difference on my belly straight away but didn’t think it was nearly half a stone” – Lyndsey

“Have to say I’m all proud of myself, I’m a few pounds lighter since I’ve started last week” – Sylvia

“Well I’ve had my last tea bag and lost 4 kilo in 2 weeks did follow a good diet as well but so chuffed” – Angela

“Great session yesterday, have already lost weight and my trainer is shocked at how quickly my body is changing already” – Siobhan

“Pulled on a pair of jeans today, you know the ones you dread because you can’t breath in them, well they’re feeling a little loose” – Louise M

“I always found it far to easy to say ‘rest at the weekend’ but my energy levels are sky high… with Christmas in clear view I what to look good in a dress” – Louise

“I ordered the 14 day detox, and I can’t wait to order more! It really works. I’m 10 days into it and already noticed a huge difference in my stomach area…my clothes fit better as well. I would recommend this to anyone trying to lose a few lbs”. – Catherine

“Started the slimming 14 day program four days ago and already feeling much better. I drink the tea after breakfast and that keeps me going until lunch then again after lunch. Lost 3Lbs so far without really trying however after drinking the tea, I’m less likely to eat a biscuit”!! – Pamela